Chastity Belt For Dogs

Along the same lines as the Neuticles (testicular implants for pets) I blogged about a couple weeks ago is this other new product that just crossed my desk last week called PABS. Not entirely cosmetic in nature, this product is still a little on the other side of the line between what seems like a product the average pet owner might buy and what takes a more specialized consumer.

PABS stands for Pet Anti-Breeding System and it is marketed as a “dog chastity belt.” According to a video on the site, product creator Dexter Blanch was “accidentally shot by a beagle” during a hunting trip, losing nine pints of blood and nearly losing his arm. Is it surprising, then, that he created something for dogs that he equates with a medieval device designed to inflict the ultimate control on women?

So the pitch is a little funny, but the idea itself seems pretty good.

“It’s a traumatic experience caging your female when she’s in season,” Blanch says in the video. He then outlines the benefits of the product. It has an eight-point harness system for a good fit on any dog. A reusable sanitary pad can be inserted into the device for the first part of the heat cycle. A mesh netting covers the females reproductive area and is held in place with a system of straps.

Blanch says he used to keep his female dog outside during heat because it was too messy, but he wanted to have her inside. The system he designed “lets a pet be a pet.” This all sounds great, but then the video does get a little weird, totally justifying the “viewer discretion advised” warning at the beginning. Footage shows a male dog attempting to mate with a female in heat, which is wearing the PABS device, complete with a close-up through a chain link fence. I think we had gotten the idea, thanks very much!

This kind of weirdness is a bit off-putting, but I have to give credit to Highly Favored Creations LLC for what actually looks like a very innovative product.

“Our sincere desire is to put an end to the senseless killing of five to ten million pets per year,” the company’s website says. “Although we support and promote the indisputable benefits of spaying and neutering, these methods do not offer an alternate solution for those pet owners who plan to breed their pets in the future.”

Good point, guys. Your marketing is maybe a little strange, but good luck with this new product just released this year. I hope you accomplish your goals.

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