Chasing New Prospects

Fudge retires to pursue a new career path.

Breaking News! Fudge has resigned her job as a products tester for this blog Catastrophes and Other Tails and is actively seeking different employment.

This all came about when I received a copy of a fabulous new book called “Careers For Your Cat” by cat coach Ann Dziemianowicz, which has been specially written “for the free-loading cat who needs to get out of the house and start making down payments!”

The author has adapted the Myers-Briggs Personality Test to create the Meowers-Briggs Personality Quiz to help kitties identify their skills to better navigate the increasingly competitive job market. Thus, according to this book, Fudge’s talents lie elsewhere and it seems she’s been in the wrong profession!

I feel so guilty. After all, I forced her into the job!

The book is hilarious. Many books land on my desk for review and are later donated to shelters. This one is a keeper! In fact, its going to remain permanently on my desk alongside my treasured dictionaries and other “go to” books for information. We do have a kitten growing up that’s going to need a job, too.

When Fudge took the aptitude test, it was obvious that she’s a Labor-intensive Extravert (L-IE) personality with a work hard, play harder and get by on less sleep kind of feline. According to the author, many cats start out as L-IEs and change as they mature. The careers that Ms. Dziemianowicz has suggested for Fudge include Bartender/Café Barista. She has the skills; she’s gregarious and enjoys interacting with people. She’s an excellent listener and would know exactly when to cut off a patron and call a cab.

What makes the book so funny is the author’s serious deadpan approach to the quiz and the job suggestions and the contrast created by the whimsical artwork   from Ann Boyajian, an illustrator who currently supports two kitties in Massachusetts. (They obviously haven’t found employment yet despite her connections.) Just as well; Boyajian is so talented!

So although this is Fudge’s last blog on this site, she has condescended to continue testing products part-time on my purrsonal website. Please come and visit her here and see how she’s doing mixing cocktails and frothing milk for cappuccinos.

Careers for Your Cat is published by Ten Speed Press and will be in stores August 3. 

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