Charmvilla’s GoldFish Tea Bags Command High Prices

A box of 12 goldfish teabags will set you back about $80.

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Charmvilla goldfish tea bags commands a high price. A box of 12 teabags will set you back about $80. Photo by Charmvilla
John Virata

There was no harm to any goldfish in the making of this tea, as there were no goldfish involved in the making of this tea.

Goldfish tea, sold by Charm Villa, a creative agency in Taipei, Taiwan, is extremely popular, so much so that a a box of 12 teabags can be purchased in the United States for $80. The same box will set you back $35 in Taiwan.

Why are the goldfish teabags so popular? Apparently because there are 16 steps in creating the teabags, of which 9 of the steps are created entirely by hand, according to And the tea leaves are apparently very soothing and of very high quality.

The bags are constructed of Japanese fabric, while the tea leaves are of Taiwanese origin. The bags were designed by 28 students studying at St. Johns University in Taipei. The goldfish tea bags have won two design awards since they became available. First was the 2014 Red Dot Communication Design Award, and this year the teabags won the iF Design Award 2015 for Discipline Packaging.

When placed in hot water, the bag swells up like tea bags do, but the trick is in the string that is attached to the “mouth” of the goldfish. When you pull on it, the teabag swims like a fantail goldfish.

The teas are available in four flavors: rose oolong tea, ruby black, jin xuan oolong and oriental beauty. If you are in the USA, check out Amazon for availability. If you are a goldfish lover, or know of one, you may score a box and that would make a neat Christmas gift. If you are in Kyoto, Japan, Milan, Italy, Paris, France, or New York City, check the website for dates for its upcoming goldfish tea exhibitions.

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