Charges Dropped Against Veteran Who Saved Dog From Hot Car

A Desert Storm veteran who was arrested in Georgia earlier this month for smashing a car window to save a Yorkie no longer faces criminal charges.

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Veteran Michael Hammons believed the dog, a Yorkie, to be in distress. Via WSB-TV
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Authorities have dropped charges against a Desert Storm veteran who broke a car window to save a dog left alone inside the hot vehicle, WSB-TV Atlanta reports.

Michael Hammons, 46, was in a parking lot in Athens, Georgia, on May 9 when he came across a dog in a Ford Mustang. While a group of people was waiting for the police to arrive, Hammons used his wife’s wheelchair leg rest to smash a car window and free the little Yorkie who was inside.

Hammons smashed the Mustang's window in order to retrieve a small dog left inside the car on a hot day. Via WSB-TV

Hammons smashed the Mustang’s window in order to retrieve the dog. Via WSB-TV

Hammons was charged with criminal trespassing at the insistence of the car’s owner, 22-year-old Elantra Cunningham, who said she had been gone for 5 minutes.

Oconee County Chief Deputy Lee Weems told WSB-TV that police didn’t want to arrest Hammons, who was heralded as a hero by witnesses, but Cunningham pressed charges and “the deputy did what he had to do.”

Those charges were dropped on Monday. Cunningham, who was cited by animal control for leaving her pet in a hot vehicle, agreed with the decision to drop the charges, WSB-TV reports.

A local Ford dealer offered to replace the smashed car window for free.

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