Characteristics Of Endler’s Livebearers Versus Guppies

Although they can look similar at first glance, there are distinct differences between Endler's livebearers and guppies.

Guppy fish. Via Mark Turner/Flickr

Characteristics of Endler’s Livebearers

Male Accent Colors: Males usually show metallic orange, metallic green and velvety black. Males may appear to have a sword (coloration in the caudal fin rays that give the appearance of a swordtail, etc.), but these colored rays remain in the round. The dorsal fin is small and usually clear.

Female Accent Colors: Females have a translucent caudal peduncle. The gravid spot of female Endler’s is much smaller and does not go as far up the flanks as it does in guppies.

Body Shape: Males and females are not as stocky as guppies. Endler’s also have thinner caudal peduncles

Gonopodium: In Endler’s, the thin gonopodium has one hook, a pointed end and a small palp.

Size: Males are about an inch and females about a quarter inch longer.
Brood Size: Small broods of a dozen to 15 fry

Body Color: Male and female are a plain golden gray.

Characteristics of Guppies

Male Accent Colors: Males show blues, reds, greens, golds, oranges, blacks, etc., but most of these colors are matte, not metallic. Guppy swordtails, topswords and lyretails are not only colorations, but the lower and upper rays themselves extend past the round caudal plane. In guppies, it can be clear or sport various colors and often has extended rays.

Female Accent Colors: A female guppy’s caudal peduncle area is opaque. The gravid spot is larger and goes farther up the flanks in guppies.

Body Shape: Guppies are more stocky than Endler’s livebearers, especially at the caudal peduncle.

Gonopodium: The gonopodium is thick with several hooks, a rounded end and a large, thick palp.

Size: Males can reach almost 1.5 inches, and females can grow to 2.5 inches.

Brood Size: Female guppies the same size have broods of 20 to 30 or more.

Body Color: Guppies are usually gray or silvery gray.

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