Characeristics of the Great Dane

The general public loves the Great Dane's giant size and regal demeanor; the breed seems to have an instant appeal to people.

Characeristics of the Great DaneIs the Great Dane the Right Dog for You?
Even if you’ve decided that you are ready for the responsibilities and hard work associated with dog ownership, choosing what type of dog is right for you is never easy. Many things must be taken into consideration. Do you have the space for a dog, more specifically a dog the size of the Great Dane? Do you have the time required to train the dog and provide him with the love and companionship he requires? Do you have the financial resources to care for and feed a Great Dane?

Having answered yes to all of these questions, it’s time to begin the exciting and fulfilling search for that special puppy or adult dog. If you’ve chosen the Great Dane, you’ve made an excellent selection that I’m sure won’t disappoint you. Trustworthy, loyal and dependable, the Great Dane is an awesome companion and friend. Once you have chosen a Great Dane as your own, you have gained a faithful friend for life. The Great Dane is a marvelous family companion who loves children and adults alike. The breed adjusts easily to the home environment and quickly bonds with his new family members. The Great Dane loves attention and will be very unhappy if he doesn’t receive the love and admiration of his family. This is truly a people’s dog.

The majestic appeal of the Great Dane is acknowledged world-wide. Most people are familiar with the breed and many have known a family member or friend who has owned one. The general public loves the breed’s giant size and regal demeanor; the breed seems to have an instant appeal to people. Once you have seen its magnificent size and beauty up close, the very sight of the Great Dane is rather breathtaking and memorable.

Most people who decide to purchase a Great Dane will have the breed for life. New dog owners immediately develop a strong bond and fondness for the breed. Rarely will a Great Dane owner switch to a different breed once he has owned one, and he will more likely add another Great Dane to his household!

The Great Dane as a Guard Dog
It can’t be stressed enough how much of a family dog the Great Dane really is. Once the dog has determined who his lucky family members are, and has adjusted to his new living surroundings, he will sacrifice himself for the safety and welfare of his loved ones. Because of their strong love for family members, Great Danes don’t take well to strangers. It will usually take some time before the Great Dane warms to people that he does not know.

There is absolutely no question that the Great Dane is a very intimidating breed. The very sight of one can be a frightening experience for anyone. Although they can be very standoffish to people that they don’t know, this should not be taken as a negative trait. The dog is only doing what he feels is his job—to protect his family at all costs.

The Great Dane has a very loud, fierce-sounding bark that will usually discourage strangers or intruders from invading one’s private property or home. Usually, the dog’s mammoth size is enough to frighten any person who is senseless enough to challenge him or his family.

Although the Great Dane serves well as a guard dog, his bold appearance should not cause him to be mistaken for an aggressive animal. The breed is very loving and most of them wouldn’t harm a hookworm! Yet, if they are provoked, they will defend themselves and their family.

Choosing a Puppy or an Adult Great Dane
Deciding on a Great Dane puppy or an adult Great Dane is never an easy decision. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Acquiring a young puppy allows the owner to mold his new dog to adapt to a functioning living pattern that easily fits the owner’s specific lifestyle. An older dog is usually set in his ways and can be difficult to break of old habits. You must keep in mind that even the Great Dane puppy will be considerably large and will require enough space for adequate training and socialization.

Whether you choose a puppy or an adult dog, the Great Dane adjusts quickly to his new home. The puppy’s love and desire for family companionship quickly overcome his short-term fear of leaving his littermates and mother behind for the first time, or, in the case of an adult, leaving his former home for an unfamiliar place. The puppy develops his independence rather quickly and will look to his new owner(s) for the affection and support he so desperately needs. The Great Dane will most likely emulate the personalities of his new owners. Therefore, it’s up to you how well adjusted your youngster or adult dog will become.

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