Ch-Ch-Changin’ Times At Ferrets Magazine And Everywhere!

October brings changes arcross the world and here at Ferrets magazine.

Ah, October — the month of changing leaves and changing weather. It’s also the last chance to get a “breather” before many holidays roll at us. Holidays are great, holidays are fun, but be sure to check out Mike and Arita Morrett’s article about ferret-proofing your home for the holidays so that you and your ferret stay safe and happy.

Are any of you planning to dress up your ferrets for Halloween? I’d love to see some photos of your sartorially splendid ferrets! Contact me here>>

Along with the holidays, quite a few ferret events occur at this time of year. The United States isn’t the only place to have ferret events, though. Check out some of the international events in Jennifer McLaughlin’s article, which posts on October 13. That happens to be Columbus Day, so what’s more appropriate to celebrate an explorer than to read about ferrets in other countries?

Our other two articles for the month post on October 20 and October 27. Your creativity can go wild as you sew a hidey-hole for your ferret after reading Deva Kolb’s guide, and Dr. Jerry Murray explains all you need to know about bladder stones in ferrets. They’re both must-reads!

October 4 is World Animal Day. Are any of you planning something special to help animals on that day? I’d love to hear about it. Contact me here>>

Until next month, have a great time and enjoy life with your ferret!

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