Cesar Millan Likely To Avoid Animal Cruelty Charges In Pig Video Investigation

The video showing the alleged crime may be the Dog Whisperer's saving grace.

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Dog behaviorist Cesar Millan with the dog and pigs that are part of the video ruffling fur with many. Via Cesar Millan/Facebook

The allegations that arose earlier this month against “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan may be unwarranted, TMZ is reporting.

Animal activists and lovers were up in arms over a video from the filming of Millan’s “Cesar 911” TV show. In it, Millan used a live pig as part of a training session with a dog who had previously attacked two pet pigs. During the piece, the dog bit the pig’s ear, causing it to bleed. Animal welfare officials were contacted, and authorities began an investigation into to possible animal cruelty.

However, law enforcement sources reportedly have told TMZ it’s the video that may actually help the self-taught dog behaviorist avoid animal cruelty charges.

“A key to the investigation is intent, and investigators believe Cesar did not create a scenario in which he deliberately put the pig in harm’s way,” the entertainment news organization writes.

In fact, the sources from the L.A. County Department of Animal Care and Control reportedly told TMZ that the video shows Cesar rushing in to save the pig.


Reports are now saying Millan may be saved by the video that drew the attention to him. Via Cesar Millan/Facebook

Although this latest development may result in the case being dropped, authorities seem to believe negligence was a factor and reportedly will handle it by discussing the issue and possible corrective actions with Milan (instead of filing animal cruelty charges).

The L.A. County District Attorney will receive the case next week and have the final say, but TMZ’s sources believe the video will close the case.

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