Cesar Millan Talks Dog Parks

Oprah Winfreys dog trainer offers five rules for visiting the dog park.

Cesar MilanTrainer Cesar Millan, who published his first book, Cesars Way, last month, offers these tips for owners heading to the dog park:

1. Make sure your dog is spayed or neutered, has all her shots, and is in good health. Under no circumstances should you take a sick dog to a dog park!

2. Do not use the dog park as a substitute for a walk! If you drive to the park, leave your car a block away and take your dog on a vigorous walk of at least 35 minutes to drain some of her energy before entering the park. Never take an over-excited dog to the park.

3. While at the park, don’t punch out on your calm-assertive leadership. Be aware of your dog at all times, and take responsibility for her behavior.

4. A calm-submissive dog will not attract another dogs aggression, but an excited dog, a weak, timid dog, or an aggressive dog can become a fight-magnet.

5. Know your dog! If your dog has poor social skills, is overly fearful, or is dog-aggressive, or if you have not yet established your calm-assertive leadership with your dog, find a more controlled way to introduce her to the company of other dogs, such as play dates with one or two other dog owners.

Posted: May 3, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

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