Cervical Line Lesions

Tiny holes in your cat's teeth can lead to big dental problems. Learn how to spot these holes to help protect your pet's health.

Many cats with gingivitis or loose teeth are diagnosed with cervical line lesions. These pinpoint holes develop in the teeth right at the base of the tooth where it meets the gum. The lesions collect bacteria that cause problems such as gingivitis and tooth root resorption. Significant numbers of teeth can be lost as a result.

Unfortunately, the cause of cervical line lesions is unknown. They have not been shown to be caused by poor nutrition, but may be the result of viral infections occurring early in life. As long as the diets meet The American Association of Feed Control Officials Nutrient Profiles for Cat Foods recommendations and dry foods are used as part of the nutritional program, it is unlikely that changing to different cat foods will prevent further problems in cats with significant dental disease. Changing from free feeding to periodic feeding may help. Also, brushing the cats’ teeth will help prevent plaque and tartar deposits, which will reduce the likelihood of bacterial infections of the gums with subsequent tooth loss.

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