Certain Oils Can Improve Dog’s Coat

Oils suach as salmon oil, safflower or rapeseed oil may help improve a dog's coat.

Q. I bought some salmon oil for my two Siberian Huskies. The package said to add 3 teaspoons of oil to their food. The dogs liked it at first, but now they aren’t eating. I stopped putting the oil in their food and tried giving it to them with a medicine dropper. That didn’t work either. Both had upset stomachs. I liked the way it made my dogs’ coats pretty. Any suggestion on what I can do?

A. Adding cooking oil to dry dog food can help improve coat conditioning, although it has the risk of increased calories and unwelcome weight gain. You might try adding some (a few tablespoons per feeding, at most) safflower oil or rapeseed oil instead; it contains about the same amount of beneficial oils.

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