Cellist Composes Music for Cats, Tests it Out

The "Music for Cats” EP is scheduled to be released on October 25.

Cats seem to respond to various sounds, some of which have a very calming effect, so it was no surprise to us when cellist David Teie composed songs specifically for cats. He wrote his first two songs for cats back in 2008, and hadn’t thought about the project until the study on cats and music was published and gained attention, The Washington Post reports.

Teie wanted to write 40 minutes worth of songs for an EP that cat lovers would purchase for their furry felines, but given it’d been seven years since he’d written a cat tune, he was worried he wouldn’t be able to do it again. However, during a month-long trip to Prague with family, Teie wrote and had a breakthrough, according to The Washington Post.

“I realized that I could write music that would provide a shared emotional experience for cats and their humans,” he said. “I could write cat music that I’d also enjoy listening to.”

Not only that, but Teie’s son Andrew, a communications strategist at marketing firm Anomaly, had convinced the company to market Teie’s cat music for free.

“All Andrew had to say was ‘Music for Cats,’ and I was like, ‘Sold!,’ ” Anomaly founding partner Johnny Vulkan told The Washington Post. The team reached out to various Internet-famous cats, such as Nala and Bacon and got the owners’ to agree to play the music for their cats and record their reactions on video for free. Check out the result:

It seemed to be a hit. The “Music for Cats” EP is due out on October 25. Will you purchase it?

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