Celebrity Cats

The Tonight Show searches for cats who impersonate Jay Leno, and Cee Lo Green's cat, Purrfect, remixes a classic jingle for a good cause.

Most cat owners agree that their cats talk to them in some way. Most don’t stop to think, however, about what cats would actually sound like if they could speak. A survey recently conducted by Kelton Research on behalf of Meow Mix brand cat food decided to find out the answer to this question.

The answer may surprise you: 60% of cat owners believe their cat has a celebrity personality. According to the survey, 18% admittedly think if their cat could talk to them, they would sound like talk show host Ellen DeGeneres; 13% say Fran Drescher best describes their cats’ inner voice; 12% say Sean Connery; 9% say Kathie Lee Gifford; and 8% say Jay Leno.

When Leno heard he had cat-personators, he couldn’t help but put out a cat call to find these comic felines. Cat owners can submit videos of their feline doing their best “Leno” on Leno’s Facebook page from now through May 10. Leno might even choose to air your cat’s video on an upcoming episode of “The Tonight Show.”

Of course, it’s no surprise if a cat wants to be treated like a celebrity, and some cats even achieve real-life stardom. Like Purrfect, the beautiful white Persian cat owned and adored by singer and “The Voice” host Cee Lo Green. In addition to a famous owner, Purrfect has 50,000 followers on Twitter and the two recently recorded their own special remix of the Meow Mix jingle, which can be downloaded here. For every download of the song, one pound of cat food (up to 12,000 pounds) will be donated to Pets Are Wonderful Support, Los Angeles (PAWS/LA) for pets in need.

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