Celebrities Sign Wood Bones to Help Dogs

Mississippi Animal Rescue League wins big when celebs sign wood bones.

Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, John Travolta, and Donald Trump – and almost 40 others – have signed wooden dog bones for an online auction by the Charity Folks website to benefit the Mississippi Animal Rescue League.

Martha Stewart, Orlando Bloom, Dakota Fanning, and Sarah Jessica Parker have also signed dog bones, and more signed dog bones are expected before the April 12 close of the annual online auction.

Last year’s auction, which included dog bones signed by Oprah Winfrey and Jake Gyllenhaal, raised $40,000 for MARL. A spokesperson for the organization said the money went toward helping to build a new animal shelter.

Many of the celebrities added personal embellishments to the wooden dog bones. Trump, host of NBC’s “The Apprentice,” signed his bone in gold ink and included his now-famous catchphrase, “You’re Fired!”

Witherspoon signed her name and decorated the bone with four pink hearts. Fanning also used pink ink, and wrote the date, her age, and “God bless the animals.” Actress Jenna Elfman signed her name in gold and decorated the bone with paw prints and wrote “All you need is love.”

MARL cares for 17,000 animals a year and services animals in a seven-county area in central Mississippi, according to MARL director Debra Boswell.

For more information, visit www.charityfolks.com or www.msarl.org.

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