Celebrate Ferrets With A Ferret-Themed Dinner!

To wow your company, why not serve a ferret-themed dinner?

Is company coming and you don’t have any idea of what to serve? Why not serve a “roast ferret”? This is an easy, fun project that will raise eyebrows. Click images to enlarge.

Creating “Roast Ferret”
Use your favorite meatloaf recipe (ferret dinner 1). If you add vegetables to it, make sure they are cut very small. In a large, rectangular baking dish, (ferret dinner 2) shape the meatloaf by patting it into an oblong shape (ferret dinner 3).

Next make four legs and a head by shaping the meatloaf with your hands. You can fold strips of aluminum foil to help brace the neck and head of the ferret while baking (ferret dinner 4). Bake the meatloaf according to recipe directions. When finished, it will have a lot of the grease in the pan (ferret dinner 5). Cool the meatloaf and carefully transfer it to a serving platter that is oven-proof and clean off any undesirable parts (ferret dinner 6).

Take a large bowl of mashed potatoes, either fresh or instant, and add a few drops of beige food coloring or just a couple drops of brown food coloring. You can pick up concentrated colors in the cake decorating section of some stores (Walmart has them). The first color will be the main part of the ferret’s coat (ferret dinner 7).

Taking about ½ of a cup of potatoes, flatten it down and place it on the ferret (ferret dinner 8). Repeat this until the ferret’s main body is covered (ferret dinner 9). Then make darker brown colored potatoes and cover the legs and tail of the ferret. Make a mask for the ferret’s face. Using white and black dyed potatoes make the eyes by rolling and flattening two small balls of white, then two smaller balls of black. Apply to the ferret for eyes (ferret dinner 10).

You can dye more potatoes and shape a ribbon around the ferret’s neck or make flowers as a garnish (ferret dinner 11).

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