Celebrate Cat Pictures with “LOLwork”

New Bravo show goes behind the scenes at Cheezburger, Inc., where captioned cat pictures rule the internet.

Cats are a big part of the business at Cheezburger, Inc. The company houses the captioned pet photo site ICanHasCheezburger.com, which has graced the internet with cat pictures since 2007.

Now cat fans can see how the folks running the site caption these sharable photos. The new TV show “LOLwork,” debuting on Bravo Nov. 7, looks behind the scenes at the Seattle-based Cheezburger network, which relies heavily on cats for humor.

“My head’s basically filled with LOLcats,” said Cheezburger.com Editor in Chief Emily Huh of the highly shared captioned cat pictures. They help garner more than 24 million visitors to websites in the Cheezeburger network each month.

Episodes from the season center around the staff debating whether a cat should be showcased on the site and a cat-themed wedding with an actual 3-D cat cake. Huh says the show will display the Cheezburger writers going about their usual business.

“This is how we are. This is how Cheezburger works: Us doing our daily thing, debating if this cat or cuter or if this cat is appropriate.”

“Sometimes, we have to make the hard decision about, well, someone might say, ‘Oh this cat’s butt is showing.’ We do get complaints; we have to make these hard decisions. But we love all the cats – event the hairless ones!”

Huh considered why cats are so popular online, and why putting words to their furry faces has resonated with visitors. She compared cats’ expressions to that of their owners.

“I think that’s why it’s so successful, they’re so happy then so sad,” she said. “Cats are like people: They have a full range of emotion. They’re like little mini humans in fur suits.”

In addition to I Can Has Cheezburger, the company oversees the humor blogs The Daily What, FAIL Blog and Meme Base, where visitors can create their own funny cat photo caption.

The hardest part of the job, Huh says, is the overwhelming amount of entries, and how to pare them down. “It’s hard sometimes to figure out how to deal with so much cuteness. You want to put all the cat pictures on the site.”

On the flip side, Huh acknowledges the best elements of LOLcats: Cute cats are powerful weapons to the blues. “At the end of the day, you realize you provide people with five minutes of cute cats a day. You can never have a bad day when looking at cat pictures.”

Watch the premiere episode of “LOLwork” here, and let us know what you think in our comment section!

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