Cecil the Safeway Cat Banned from the Store

Supports of Cecil want the ban lifted and have started a petition.

Cecil is probably just like your cat. He has his favorite spots, such as the couch, the freshly laundered clothes and the neighborhood Safeway. OK, so maybe he’s not exactly like your cat. For several years now, Cecil has crossed the street to the grocery store in his Southeast Portland neighborhood and hung out there. According to KGW.com, his human says “he just likes to visit the store, inside and out. And employees and customers take care of him.”

However, Cecil was banned from the store this past Monday; reports are unclear as to why; however, some state that his fame (there are lots of social media photos of Cecil in the store) contributed to the ban.

Since the ban, Cecil’s Facebook page has been urging Portlanders and other Oregonians to sign a petition to get Cecil back at Safeway.

Allison Traynor, a shopper at Safeway, told KGW, “I’m going to miss seeing him around. He was definitely a treat.”

Another Safeway shopper, Ivo Bourgeois, told KGW, “Cecil is one of the great cats of Portland for sure… I think Cecil is a great cat and I’m not surprised in the least to see the international following. I think it really enhances the shopping experience… I think [the ban is] abominable. I wish they would take that back. I think everybody loves Cecil the cat.”

Others “threatened to stop shopping at the Safeway if Cecil doesn’t get another chance,” KGW reports.

Do you think Cecil should be allowed back in Safeway?


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