CBS To Air ‘America’s Top Dog’

Dog-and-owner teams will live together and compete in a series of challenges for cash prize.

What do you get when you mix “Big Brother” and a good old-fashioned agility or obedience competition?

“America’s Top Dog,” a new reality TV series from CBS that will air later this year.

The new one-hour series will feature a group of dogs and their owners living together and competing in a series of challenges for a cash prize, according to a CBS statement.

The canine contestants will include professionally trained dog show winners as well as rescued pets who were trained at home by their owners.

“America’s Top Dog” is among three new reality TV series that CBS has ordered in the wake of the writers’ strike for broadcast later this year. The two others are “Game Show in My Head,” where contestants go about their everyday lives and receive instructions through an earpiece to undertake a series of outrageous tasks in public, and “Secret Talents of the Stars,” where celebrities perform hidden talents like singing, dancing, magic, or acrobatics in front of a panel of judges.

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