Caught on Camera

Find out what your dog really does when he’s home alone.

“Hi, Cooper. Are you being a good boy?”

The Bulldog cocked his head and stared at the camera, just out of his reach. He woofed and whined a little. The camera’s eye swiveled to scan the room, then fixed itself on Cooper.

It spoke again in the voice of Ryo Koyama, CEO and co-founder of Yoics, a company that produces networking technology for pet cameras, based in Palo Alto, Calif.

“You be a good boy, Cooper,” Koyama said. “I’ll be home soon.”

How can you be with your dog when you can’t be with him? By checking in on him via a pet cam that streams to a website you can view from your computer, iPhone, and some cell phones — that’s how.

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