These Two Cats Love To Watch Their Humans Eat

A couple in Japan can't have a single meal without their curious cats joining them.

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Whenever meal time comes, these two will always be in attendance. Via naomiuno/Instagram

Did you know cats could serve as unofficial meal inspectors for humans? Neither did we. But two cats in Japan are setting this wonderful trend by joining their humans at the dinner table for every meal.

The cats’ food inspection routine is amazingly captured by their owners and posted on Instagram (@naomiuno). They sit on their human’s lap, or in a seat next to each other and stare longingly at the feast spread out before them. Sometimes they seem interested in eating the food themselves; sometimes they seem disgusted by the presentation. And sometimes they just look bored.

But no matter what facial expression they have, they always look utterly adorable.

Here are some of their most charming meal inspections.

1. Paws On Approach

“Are those onions? I said no onions.”

2. Bread vs. Willpower

“Ugh, this was the wrong week to go on a juice cleanse.”

3. Meal Excitement, Then Water Disappointment

“Everything here is bursting with flavor… except for this boring glass of nothing.”

4. Dinnertime Snuggle

“Dude, can you believe our humans trust us this much?”

5. Potato Glee

“OMG. Those are sweet potatoes. Are those sweet potatoes? They are. YESSSSSSSS.”

6. Asking Permission

“So can we start eating or what?”

7. What Are Table Manners?

“I’m just gonna lie here while you eat. That’s cool, right?”

8. Patience Schmatience

“Enough with the photos. Whatever this is right here, I want it. Now.”

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