Cats Declare War On Zombies… FINALLY

In order to save a lone survivor kitten, a couple of cats take on an army of zombies. This. Is. War.

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Save the kitten, save the world.
Chrissa Hardy

When the zombies take over the world, and no humans remain, who will step up and save the day? The CATS, that’s who.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Mr. TVCow, two cats use strategy, weapons and overwhelming force to destroy zombies in order to save a lone survivor kitten. The video was directed by Michael Tivikoff as a fun way to promote the latest season of “Z Nation” on Syfy.

The cats taking on the zombies are no joke. They are decked out in survivor gear and know how to shoot to kill — which you’d think would be difficult since they have paws instead of hands, but these cats clearly know how to adapt.

Anyway, after seeing the kitten stranded on a roof above a mob of hungry zombies, the cats come up with a rather sophisticated plan to save the day.

Via YouTube

These zombies have messed with the wrong cats. Via Mr. TVCow/YouTube

One sends bullets flying into the approaching zombies…

Via YouTube

“Thanks for the cover.” Via Mr. TVCow/YouTube

…while the other sets a trap.

"Now to set the trap." Via YouTube

“This will distract them.” Via Mr. TVCow/YouTube

All goes according to plan, and BOOM go the walkers.

Via YouTube

Good-bye, zombies.Via Mr. TVCow/YouTube

The kitten is safe, and all is right with the world.

Via YouTube

“I feel funny.” Via Mr. TVCow/YouTube


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