Cats Upstage Obama and Putin

At the G20 summit, cats take the stage before heads of state.

All it takes is a cat (or three) to upstage even the President of the United States. Proof? This 18-second gem shot by BBC Journalist Duncan Stone.

Last night, as President Obama, Putin, and several other world leaders prepared to take the stage at the G20 Summit in Turkey, three felines stole the grandstand, trotting across the podium, one by one, in stealth succession before the heads of state could so much as take the mic.

The off-the-cuff catwalk, caught on video by Stone, sent Twitter into a speculation uproar as to where the kitty crew was headed, with no conclusive answer. Looks like they’ll need to tighten security for the next summit.

Also pertinent: who run the world? Cats!

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