Cats Unwelcome in New Zealand

Businessman proposes banning cats in New Zealand, to protect birds from predation.

The New Zealand Herald reports that cat abolitionist Gareth Morgan held the first of several public meetings to persuade people to eliminate outdoor cats from New Zealand. Last night’s “Cats to Go” campaign discussion drew about 100 local supporters and opponents.

Morgan seeks to eliminate free-roaming cats and feral cats from the country. Cats with ID tags or microchips would be returned to owners. At last night’s meeting, he encouraged people who did not own cats to trap and cage stray cats.  

A Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals board member brought up that the SPCA used Trap-Neuter-Return to control feral cat populations. Morgan contended that no evidence exists to prove that TNR stops wandering cats, and he suggested that stray cats should be euthanized.

The meeting took place in the Wellington suburb or Karori, home to wild bird sanctuary Zealandia. The reserve houses dozens of native birds and Morgan says it’s also the country’s “most expensive cat food factory.”

“I want cats to be confined so we don’t have cats wandering around killing things,” Morgan said. “Because we know 50% of their kill they just kill for the pleasure of it.”

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More meetings are in the works. To read more about Morgan’s plan, visit his website.

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