Cats Taken to Vet Less Than Dogs, Study Says

Despite being the No. 1 pet, cats miss opportunities for checkups.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association revealed that cats, America’s No. 1 pet, are seen less often by veterinarians than dogs. In response, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. (BIVI), has launched an educational initiative to encourage cat owners nationwide to have their cats seen regularly by a veterinarian.

“Cats are America’s most popular pet, but they often don’t receive the level of care or treatment as their canine counterparts,” said Daniel Alvarado, BIVI senior brand manager for feline biologicals. “Just like dogs, cats need regular health checkups. Regular exams allow veterinarians to ensure vaccinations are up to date, which are important to prevent many common health and disease problems.”

Cats hide illness well. BIVI says subtle signs of cat illness can go undetected by owners for a long time. Regularly scheduled veterinary visits offer proactive treatment to check their cat’s weight, their cat’s nutritional condition and their cat’s overall health. Early detection and prevention will fight many diseases like diabetes, which are treatable when caught early.

In conjunction with the education initiative, BIVI has created an online resource for cat owners along with a video. This website provides information on a wide variety of feline health issues, from the common signs of illness to how to get your cat to the veterinary clinic.

“We would like to have every cat seen by a veterinarian annually and certainly prior to any onset of disease,” Alvarado said. “We hope this initiative helps owners see the benefits of regular checkups to help ensure a longer, happier relationship with their pets.”

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