Cats Take Dogs’ Places in New They Might Be Giants Video

"Walking My Cat Named Dog" video is animated imagining of a world where cats visit parks and dogs knock stuff off tables for fun.

They Might Be Giants have flipped the script on dog and cat roles in a new video for an old song. “Walking My Cat Named Dog” was written by Norma Tanega in 1966 and performed by Tanega and later Dr. Hook. The catchy folky tune offers lyrics like:

“Hey Dog is a good old cat
Now people what d’ya think of that
‘Cause that’s where I’m at
(That’s where he’s at).”
It’s the perfect jangly, 4/4 beat for an animated look at what life would be like if cats commonly walked on leashes and dogs batted yarn around. Or if cats did a little how-do-you-do butt-sniffing with fellow felines on the street and dogs knocked stuff off tables like total knobs.
Take a look and see what life would be like for cats and dogs in a Freaky Friday kind of world.

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