Cats Take Belgium By Storm Once Again In New Tourism Video

Belgian tourist authorities used cats to invite the world back to the country's capital city, Brussels, after the terror alert was downgraded.

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"The Kitties - The official welcome back to Brussels band" is part of a new promo created by three Belgian tourist organizations. Via VISITFLANDERS/YouTube

The cats have returned to Brussels, this time to welcome — and encourage — visitors back to the Belgium capital.

Tourism Flanders, Visit Brussels and Wallonia-Brussels Tourism joined together and released a 20-second video featuring playful furry felines at some of the city’s most historic landmarks, including the historic Grand Place and the 1958 Expo Atomium building, reports The Guardian.

The Belgium tourist organizations reportedly created the short during the city’s lockdown late last month, when the country’s federal police asked residents not to tweet or share on social media anything about the sweep of the city in response to an unspecified “serious and imminent threat.”

Keyboard Cat loves Brussels! Via YouTube

Keyboard Cat loves Brussels! Via VISITFLANDERS/YouTube

Citizens responded to the request by instead posting pictures of cats with the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown. Playing off the social media phenomenon (and as a way of saying thanks), the tourist groups made the cat-infused promo.

Fun omage to the front, kitty play in the back. Via YouTube

Fun omage to the front, kitty play in the back. Via VISITFLANDERS/YouTube

Like most of the cat memes and viral videos that populate the Internet, there’s no way watch this creative (and bizarre) tourism video without at least cracking a smile — especially when you get cats playing instruments, skateboarding and dancing.

Tony Hawk? Watch out! Via YouTube

Watch out Tony Hawk! Via VISITFLANDERS/YouTube

The fun, arty beat isn’t too bad, either.

Who’s up for a trip to Brussels?

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