Cat’s Tail End Resembles ‘Harry Potter’ Villain Lord Voldemort

Heart-shaped markings have nothing on this uncanny mirror image of the Dark Lord.

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Bloody Hell! It's like looking in a mirror. Via Harry Potter/Facebook and velvet_jones_1972/Imgur

Harry Potter fans around the globe would know the face of “He Who Must Not Be Named” anywhere.

The unique semblance of Potter’s archenemy is one that causes some level of fear for both wizards and Muggles alike.

Now the face of Lord Voldemort reportedly is being seen by many in the most unusual place — and social media seems to enjoy it.

“Our hairless cat has a face on her butt.”

This is the caption that accompanied a recent post on the online image-sharing site Imgur uploaded by Redditor velvet_jones_1972, prompting many posters to see the resemblance of the Dark Lord on the hairless Sphynx.

Do you see what we see? Some Harry Potter fans say Voldemort has come back to “life.” Well sort of. Via Name of news site

Do you see what we see? Some Harry Potter fans say Voldemort has come back to “life.” Well, sort of. Via velvet_jones_1972/Imgur

“USE THE BOY,” aVillaBillaTEY posted after seeing the pic.

“When Voldemort gave up his human form, he had few choices left for the shredded remains of his final horcrux soul fragment. He looks glum,” Thereminista  ponders.

Spending one’s after (after) life on the smooth tail end of a cat? Well, it was Voldemort’s own prophesy in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2”: “Only I can live forever.”

Or did he mean fur-ever?

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