Cat’s Strange Addiction: Shoelaces

Vets suspected the cat had a tumor but it was only a food baby made of shoelaces.

A recent routine vet visit for a UK cat ended with the sad prognosis of a giant stomach tumor, according to a story in the Mirror. But in a good news/bad news situation, the large abdomen mass turned out to be a benign ball of shoelaces.
Garry the cat was a healthy guy and his pet parent suspected nothing wrong. Not even when her sneaker laces went missing … or her hair bands … Ana Barbosa only found out when she brought Garry for his two-year vaccines at Brighton PDSA Pet Hospital.

Among the items in the cat’s stomach were hair bands, small plastics and the shoelaces Barbosa hadn’t seen since washing her shoes a long time ago.

Attending vet Jess Maguire said to keep an eye on Garry because, “It is unusual for a cat to eat so many different items.” Yes, it is.

Has your cat eaten anything strange?

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