Cat’s Snore Sounds Like A Kazoo

This cat might have the strangest snore ever.

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Is this a cat or a musical horn?
Chrissa Hardy

Snores are like snowflakes – every one of them is uniquely beautiful. Well, maybe not beautiful, but definitely funny. And the funniest snores of all are the ones our pets belt out while they’re sleeping.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Td Lmx, a cat is blissfully conked out in a pile on a bed. The cat’s owner walks into the room quietly, and captures the odd sound coming from the cat’s nostrils.

It’s not your average snore. Unlike a baritone from-the-belly inhale, it’s more of a higher pitched horn that goes up a note halfway through. It sounds a whole lot like a kazoo, which is not a sound you’d expect to come from a sleeping cat.

It could be due to the cat’s adorable smush-face, or maybe it’s because the cat is a bit congested. Either way, add a drum-playing dog and a triangle-playing bird and you’ve got yourself a band.

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