Cats Show Feels Through Paper Smiles

People pair their pets looks with perfect expressions.

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Cheese. Via YayOMG
Anastasia Thrift

Ever look at your cat and think: “That guy wants to crack a smile.” No? Neither have we but some people have. Here they are.

Folks are putting paper smiles on their cats and sharing the results. Some are happy, some are fancy and some are OMG…y.

1. All Smiles.

Via YayOMG

Kitten wears these well.

2. Toothy Grin.

Via YayOMG


3. Whiplash Smile.

Via YayOMG

So much attitude.

4. Say Cheese.

Via YayOMG

Crack a smile and crack us up.

5. Nerd Alert.


6. Power Pout.


7. A Smile Says 1,000 Words.

Via YayOMG

So much emotion.

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