Cats Rescued From California Rescue Facility

Several cats found seriously ill and neglected at a "rescue" facility in Los Angeles.

Late Nov. 29, twenty four seriously ill cats were seized by animal control authorities at Angel Puss Rescue in Canoga Park, Calif., reports the City News Service in Los Angeles.

The news service says Los Angeles police served a search warrant Nov. 27 at the facility along with members of the Bureau of Humane Law Enforcement, a non-profit group.

One cat was found dead and the bodies of other cats were found in a freezer with a gallon of ice cream, the City News Service says.

Natalie Keeve of the non-profit group says that when she entered the facility she was overcome by the noxious smell of ammonia, urine and cat feces. She says many of the cats couldn’t open their eyelids. Litter boxes were neglected and water for the animals was yellow.

The facility also housed about 200 dogs, some of which appeared to be in ill health and uncared for. There was no immediate word on any arrests as a result of the police search.

Posted: Nov. 30, 2005, 5p.m. PST

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