Cats Prank April Fools’ Day

This might be the most cat-centric April Fools' Day yet. Check out these great feline spoofs.

Have you fallen for any April Fools’ Day tricks? If you’re a cat fan, you might have come close. This year, several folks have put out the word that they’re going the extra mile for felines — all in good. fun.
Cheezburger announced that they’d teamed up with Betabrand Clothes for Cats to create human-themed clothing. Items include cat onesies that look like people, human shirts and crop tops.

“There are many injustices in this world, perhaps none more egregious than the fact that cat-themed clothes exist for humans, yet it’s next to impossible to find a human-inspired garments for cats,” the website proclaimed.

Click to the “shopping” site, and you’ll be instructed to complete a cat ownership verification process. This includes holding your cat’s paw up to the screen and “scanning” it in.

Good Company revealed a name change to Good Cat, and a change from sharing success tips for interpersonal communication in the workplace to offering advice for household harmony with cats.

“After much discussion both internally as well as with trusted advisors, our company has decided to go in a new direction – one that we truly feel is not just innovative, but also extremely beneficial to both our users and society as a whole.”

They shared plans to discuss the following in terms of pet parenting skills: PAWsonality, PAWfect Fit, Meow Mix and PURRfect Dish. 

Pet insurance provider Trupanion today warned of a new phenomenon adversely affecting cats: Excessive Social Media Use.

“Physical injuries previously unseen in companion animals are appearing across North America, and many cases are related to blogging, tweeting, snapchatting, texting, and instagramming habits,” reports a blog on the company’s site.

The company says it’s seen a rise in claims of “Blackberry Paw” and “Text Neck,” and that cat bloggers have experienced neck strain after sitting for several hours at their computers.

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