Cat’s Mind Is Completely Blown By Tiny Cat Toy

This cat cannot comprehend what just happened with a cat toy.

Written by
Chrissa Hardy

Sometimes, the things you see right in front of you are too bonkers to comprehend.

That’s certainly what happened in a video uploaded to YouTube by Cole and Marmalade when a cat watched a coin disappear into a cat piggy bank.

The cat’s owner places a coin on top of the piggy bank, and the toy cat inside the box reaches up and pulls the coin into the box with its paw.

Via Cole and Marmalade/YouTube

It’s a kitty piggy bank. NBD. Via Cole and Marmalade/YouTube

It’s a simple act by a simple toy, right?

Then the camera zooms in to see the cat — the Marmalade part of the Cole and Marmalade duo — watching this all go down from across the room.

Ummm.... WTF? Via Cole and Marmalade/YouTube

“Everything I thought I knew about life is a lie.” Via Cole and Marmalade/YouTube

And the expression on Marmalade’s face is absolutely priceless.

We think it’s safe to say… cat’s mind = blown.

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