Cats Meow Awards’ Nominations Announced

Sure, the Academy Award nominations came out today but more importantly the best cat videos also got nods.

Watch the best of cat flicks.

Nominations for the Academy Awards came out today. That’s all fine and well but what we really want to know is: what were the best cat videos and performances of the past year? Never fear. Meow Mix has conducted extensive cat video research and come up with a list of favorites for 2016’s nominees. Check out the following links and let us know if you agree. The 2016 “Cat’s Meow Awards” (brought to you by Meow Mix) include the following:

“Best Cat Napper” Nominees: Winner: Barb and Fritz in “Not a Care in the World” (Breckenridge, MI)

“Best Kitty Hijinks” Nominees: Winner: Melissa and Tux in “Tissue Box” (Endwell, NY)

“Best Cat-hlete” Nominees: Winner: Miricle and Panda in “Crazy Legs Panda” (Buckeye, AZ)

“Best Cat Cuddle'” Nominees: Winner: Lindsay, Manny, and Oliver in “Brother Snuggles” (Fayetteville, NY) “Wild Cat Card” Nominees: Winner: Cara, Floof, and Poker in “The Floof Massage” (Cutler Bay, FL)

All of these nominees and winners not only embody the best Internet cat moments of 2015, but also highlight the one-of-a-kind (and often hilarious) bond that only cats and humans share. And as if cats needed more confidence, the lucky nominees and winners take home honor, prestige, and the knowledge that Meow Mix ‘real meat’ treats will always be there to celebrate their impressive achievements. They sure give Best Picture nominee “Mad Max: ‘Furry’ Road” a run for its money, don’t they? For more on the Cat’s Meow Awards and Meow Mix brand’s initiative to give away 50,000 free Irresistibles cat treats, click here.

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