Cats Make You Smarter

CatAcademy aids learning with the help of cats.

“Hola. Yo amo a mi gato.”

If you can read that, perhaps you’ve found a more educated way of getting your daily cat fix than watching adorable cat video after cat video. There’s cat film fests and cat wine, so why wouldn’t there be an app (brought to you by CatAcademy) for learning Spanish … using cats? All of those righteously hilarious “I Can Has Cheezburger” photos have been paired with common Spanish words and their English translations.

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Forget the Spanish classes you took in high school, CatAcademy Spanish is waay cooler. You’ll have a good chuckle going through the phrases, because each photo’s theme is used to illustrate the phrase; for example, “Necesito ayuda” (“I need help”) shows a kitty “stuck” in a plant. The theory is that you remember words better if you have a visual memory attached to it. I haven’t gone through the spelling lists yet, but I hope these key kitty phrases are included: “Siesta” (nap); “mío” (mine); “todo mío” (all mine); “No estoy impresionado” (not impressed).

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I’m surprised this is just hitting app stores now. It’s a brilliant concept when you stop to think about it. Take your passion — cats! — and use them to help you have better recall. For example, if you have a hard time remembering people’s names, breakout the cat photos. Before your acquaintance gets to the “Hi. I’m …” part, take a out a deck of cat mug shots and have the newbie pick one. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking, “Oh, that’s Dan, the tabby cat guy.”

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