Cats Make Everything Better, Including Star Wars

Walt Disney Animation Studio’s feature animation artists re-imagine Star Wars characters with cats.


You can’t get away from Star Wars even if you wanted to. It’s everywhere. Let’s face it. As soon as we connect to the Internet we know we’re going to see something Star Wars-related. It almost – almost – covers more web space than cats. Rather than pit the two forces against each other, feature animation artists at Walt Disney Animation Studio Griz and Norm Lemay have instead put the two together.

That’s right. It’s the best of both worlds. Star Wars meets Friendly Felines. Or is it Feisty Felines? It may depend on whether these cats are on the light or the dark side.

Calicos & BB8:


“Cowcat Kitler” & R2D2:


Rey & Her Bengal:


Princess Leia & Her Kitty (the queen):


The Black Cat & Padme Amidala:


Which is your favorite Star Wars/Cat pairing?


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