Cat’s Jerk Behavior Threatens Mail Delivery

The Royal Mail tells a U.K. couple — in a very polite British manner, we’re sure — that their cat’s a demon spawn and makes delivering the post impossible.

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"COME AT ME, MAIL." Via The Telegraph/Facebook
Anastasia Thrift

It’s become a fact of life that cats are jerks. One cat, however, is such a little B that the mail carrier might refuse to deliver to her house.

Bella, a cat in Bristol, United Kingdom, growls, leaps at and grabs mail from the postal carrier whenever he visits her house, and the Royal Mail sees her as a “hazard,” according to The Telegraph. They’ve asked Bella’s owners, Matthew Sampson and Laura Lowe, to “keep their pet under control.”

Sampson and Lowe say they’ve never seen the 4-year-old black cat attack the mail carrier. But maybe the damages are to the soul.

Bella's not the only cat who hates maill. Via

Bella’s not the only cat who hates mail. Via

The Royal Mail said Bella is putting the postman “at risk of injury,” according to the news story, and that “after a health and safety assessment, has said the cat must be restrained and changes made at the home in Patchway, Bristol.”

Welp, that sounds serious. The couple is responding by putting up an external delivery box, and Sampson has apologized. Now it’s Bella’s turn.

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