Cats in Kimonos and Kimono Cats

Which came first: the Kimono or the cat?

There’s been a lot of buzz on the interwebs lately about cat-patterned kimono obis (an obi is the sash on the traditional kimono) as well as cats actually wearing mini kimonos.

While the sources we came across made them sound like a new phenomenon, both seem to have been around for years. One of the cat photos for instances, dates back to 2011. In this case it seems the old NBC campaign “If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you” applies.

One of the more popular cat obis featured online recently is sold by Highcalory Otome for approximately $153 USD. But I’m sorry to tell you it’s currently sold out.

Once again the cat loving population – this time in Japan has not only decided they must show their love of the neko by wearing his or her likeness, but also want their cats to look like miniature versions of themselves.

I must say I’m impressed at how seriously these cats are taking the wearing of the traditional Japanese robes. I once tried putting a t-shirt on my cat Kip who promptly believed he was paralyzed, proceeding not moving a muscle for close to an hour even after removal of the offending shirt. 
While Bored Panda reports cat kimonos can be purchased at Amazon, they’re actually dog kimonos (you can trick a cat mom Bored Panda!). I guess if you REALLY want your cat to wear a kimono you could try the dog version as they do come in small.

My favorite has to be the potentially male cat (wild guess) that’s clearly happier naked than in a Geisha outfit complete with wig.

Do you dress your cat? Think you might give the kimono a try? 

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