Cats in Hats and Hats on Cats

Teeny tiny trend alert: Cats in hats.

Fun with LED lights ?????

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Instagram account called Tiny Hats on Cats features a cat named Max wearing tiny construction paper hats made by his cat dad Adam Ellis for Buzzfeed BFF. The account, with only 43 posts over the past seven weeks, already has more than 19,500 followers.

???? watch the throne ????

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I could write about that account. But I wouldn’t be doing my job, because it turns Adam’s been making for Max for two years this September according to his blog Books of Adam, and posting them to his Instagram account adamtots.

In his post dated Sep. 3, 2013, he writes: “A few weeks ago I got a second kitten. His name is Maxwell and he’s only got three legs. They don’t know how he lost his arm, but I assume it was a shark attack, like that surfing girl in Hawaii. I’ve been making tiny hats for him out of construction paper, because I don’t know what else to do with all this damn construction paper. So yeah, now I’m not just a writer and illustrator, I’m also a friggin’ milliner.”

Well what was I supposed to do with all this construction paper? #tinyhats4cats

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Adam already had a black female cat by the name of Pepper, who gets an occasional hat here and there, but it’s Max who is his true muse. I have to wonder if his lack of an appendage makes it harder for him to runaway?

Pepper was feeling left out. #tinyhats4cats

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A book by the name of “Tiny Hats on Cats,” is supposed to be released at some point this year. I’m going to take a guess it will be just in time for winter holiday shopping.

Maxwell is on his way to the Royal Wedding. He’s such a romantic. #tinyhats4cats

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You heard it here first. You can always count on and me to get you the real story on all things cat. Seriously, what would you do without us?

And you’re welcome in advance for all the hours you’re going to waste spend looking at photos of a three-legged cat in tiny hats.


A photo posted by Adam Ellis (@tinyhatsoncats) on

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