Cats Hold French Woman Prisoner in Her Bedroom!

Woman trapped in bedroom, thanks to two mischievous cats, live-tweets her captivity.

Don’t worry, this story is nothing like that of Lux, that cat whose family had to dial 911 on in the United States. This incident seemed like an innocent enough accident, with the cats oblivious to the drama they were causing.

Claire Berlinski, living in the Marais district of Paris, was in her bedroom with the door closed today – I cannot imagine trying that in my home!  Apparently her cats were not amused either because they “accidently” knocked off the bedroom handle, leaving Claire trapped inside her bedroom.

Her Tweets began lightheartedly, “I’m not terribly unhappy about the situation …. I’ve got lots to read.” But soon turned into a lengthy discussion about the cost of locksmiths and strength of doors in France, which was seemingly surprising to Claire who’d recently moved to Paris from Istanbul.

In true feline fashion, her cats were attempting to get into the bedroom throughout the entire the “ordeal.”  Tweeted Claire, “This is chutzpahdik. The cats are now meowing and pawing at the door because they want to be let in.”  (Well yeah, they are cats!)

Finally dad came to the rescue. “My Pop’s now emailing me about ‘what he saw a professional thief do on TV’ and whether he can throw a sandwich through the window.”

Claire’s imprisonment ended after only two hours. And it seems her sense of humor had disappeared as she tweeted, “Well, I’m glad that amused everyone. But it wound up costing so much that I’m done laughing about it. #Freeatlast.” I guess old Pop’s TV schemes didn’t help out in the end after all.

Strangely, however, nothing has been said about if the cats received their supper that evening. We can only home Claire has a sturdier bedroom doorknob. Or learns to keep it open.

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