Cats Help Workplace

See how one company's office cats help keep people productive, happy and head-butted, and hear the pros and cons of cats at work.

Attention Fortune magazine, we found a company that warrants serious consideration for your “Best Companies to Work For” list. Sure, internet juggernaut Google has been hogging the top spot on your list for four years and counting. And, I suppose Google is an easy bet with the subsidized massages and brand-spanking new 7-acre employee sports park, blah, blah, blah. But what about the corporate kitties? Where’s a cute little kitty cat when you need one?

, a transportation brokerage company and “authorized reseller of UPS” in Green Bay, Wisc., has not one, not two — but three office cats on staff to help its employees get through the day by getting their kitty fix in. There’s Black Catty (I haven’t seen a picture, but I’m guessing he’s black), Peanut, who is described as a “handsome black-and-white longhair,” and an orange-colored cat named Clara, who has a reputation for being a diva.

I can’t think of a better work perk than some feline therapy to get through a tough day. A simple philosophy is at play: If you make a cat happy, you, in turn, will be happier. And forget wasting your time yawning through employee training classes; practice making winning pitches on the company diva cat like Clara. If you can get Clara’s purr of approval, you surely you can beat down your supervisor’s door with 10 good reasons why you should be promoted. (Cats, you see, aren’t “Yes Men” like dogs, and dogs seem to enjoy brown-nosing, so you’ll never get honest feedback from an office dog.)

Black Catty, Peanut and Clara must think they are in kitty heaven with all those empty packing boxes to lounge in and packing peanuts to tear through. The owners of Maru, that cool box-obsessed cat from Japan, might not want to let the cat out of the bag on this; Maru might just priority mail himself straight to Green Bay.  

Pros and cons of having office cats:

Pro: Fun way to get rid of crumpled up Post-It Notes: “Fetch!”
Con: Who keeps stealing my coffee creamer?
Pro: It’s sooo relaxing to have a lap kitty to pet.
Con: Can I have my seat back, please?
Pro: Cool, an office mascot you don’t have to let outside to relieve itself.
Con: Where do we have to go to get an intact roll of toilet paper around here?
Pro: Watching a hyperactive cat bounce around your workspace is better than watching a hyperactive cat bounce around in a video you’re watching while at work.
Con: My office blinds used to be asymmetrical and that pull cord did have a handle when I first started here.

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