Cat’s-Eye-View Map Shows Japan from Cat POV that People Want to See for Themselves

New map to boost toursim shows cat fans the streets of Japan the way cats would view them.

Onomichi, Japan, is known as “a town of slopes and cats,” featuring an area called Cat Alley, and housing a Maneki-neko dedicated museum boasting cat sculptures believed to deliver wealth and luck. With all of the feline love found within the charming town, it should come as no surprise that they would be the first to offer tourists a map for cats (or people who want a cat’s-eye view of the city) known as Cat Street View.

“We were seeking to introduce a different way to look at our cities and offer a view of the streets that wasn’t available before,” a Hiroshima tourism official said.

Developed by Japan’s Hiroshima prefecture tourism board as part of their latest tourism campaign “Kanpai! (Cheers) Hiroshima — Look! — Eat! — Drink!” Cat Street View was created by technicians who worked on the original Google Street View, using the same equipment to capture images.

Positioned at a cat’s height, Cat Street View allows the user to take one of three different paths via the virtual map. Each path directs the user to can’t-miss shops, restaurants, landmarks, and icons featuring cats to visit along the way.

Our favorite feature? The cat key, which indicates where some of the city’s most beloved felines reside! Even better? Mini profile pages for 11 felines are featured, so you can get to know the kitties as you explore their stomping ground!

Hiroshima has plans to publish more Cat Street View Maps in October. Until then, we’re very content trolling the Onomichi offering – which is supremely awesome whether you’re traversing it for future travel or sheer curiosity.

What do you think of this cat’s-eye view?

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