Cats Destroy Drone Toys In Spectacular Michael Bay-Style Video

Ever wonder who would win in a battle of cats vs. drones? Here's your answer.

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This drone is no match for the swift swat of a cat.

Cats may seem like indifferent creatures who prefer naps to everything else, but it would be a mistake to underestimate their ferocity.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last week by user Kodeman66, a couple of cats take on remoted-controlled toy drones in an epic battle for living room domination.

The owner controls the drones and repeatedly flies them closer to the cats to see how they’ll react. And react they do.

The cats attack with pounces and swats and take those drones DOWN. But not only that, the video has been edited to include Michael Bay-style explosions once the drones have been knocked out of the sky.

Annnd.... BOOM. Via YouTube

Annnd…. BOOM. Via YouTube

It’s all kinds of family and pet fun.

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