Cats Could Have UV Vision

A new study suggests that cats and other mammals see the world in a completely different way than people do.

We know cats interpret the world in their own unique way, but new science suggests that this starts with their vision.

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Cats may be able to see in ultraviolet, beyond the range of colors humans can see. Insects and some mammals were known to see in this spectrum, but not cats.

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“Nobody ever thought these animals could see in ultraviolet, but in fact, they do,” said study leader Ron Douglas, a biologist at City University London, in England.

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Human eye lenses block ultraviolet light, but animal eyes with UV-transparent lenses let ultraviolet light reach the retina, which converts the light into nerve signals that travel to the brain where the visual system perceives them. Humans can only detect colors from red to violet; cats and other that see in ultraviolet see a broader range of color.

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By understanding that cats see things invisible to people, we can gain more understanding of cats’ behavior, researchers say.

This story came via LiveScience

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