Cats Celebrate Movember

The Movember Foundation encourages mustache-growing to promote men's health. These cats look ready for the campaign.

Movember, or, as it was once called, November, is a time to think about men’s health. So says the Movember Foundation, which challenges men to start growing mustaches in November to spark conversation and spread awareness about health risks for men.

Men can sign up for the campaign at to become one of the “Mo Bros” who will grow mustaches this month. Women who support their hirsute male counterparts can sign up as Mo Sistas. We think there’s a third category of supporters ready for the challenge: Mo Cats. Below, we’ve selected our favorites.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat
This well-whiskered cat has charmed many with his old-timey mustache. He’s leading Movember cat crowd.

Pudge the Cat
Pudge might be a girl but this fuzzy white whisker bed comes pretty close to looking like a mustache. We’re going to count her in because supporting healthy guys is cool and we think she’d be behind it. 

This cat is new to the scene but arrived just in time for Movember. The thickest mustache in the cat pack, some have called this kitty the Tom Selleck Cat.

Cats That Look Like Hitler
This long-lasting site continues to curate cats with a distinctive narrow black mustache. It also counters any evil that might come with an association with Hitler and supports its “Kitlers” with adoption advocacy.

Dubstep Cat
Dubstep Cat’s mustache might be temporary but the kitty’s dance moves are forever. This video was part of the Internet Cat Video Festival for two years, airing to audiences’ delight.

Ever moving and pulsing Pusheen delights us with adorable GIFs. Here, he has created a guide to several no-shave styles to sport during the next month. Which will you wear?

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