Cats Freak Out The First Time They See A Ceiling Fan Move

When two cats see a ceiling fan move for the first time, they practically lose their minds.

Written by
What is this sorcery?!
Chrissa Hardy

When two cats see a ceiling fan for the first time ever, they are equal parts baffled, mystified and LOSING THEIR MINDS.

In a video uploaded to YouTube in March of this year (but is still making the Internet rounds) by user Corinne Wilger, two cats sit mesmerized by the strange household appliance as it spins above their heads.

What in the WORRRRRLLLDDDD? Via YouTube

They take a few moments to watch the strange movement from the foreign machine, but also take turns swatting at the air because, WHAT ON EARTH is this beast?

Perhaps the second time the ceiling fan is turned on, it won’t be such a shock. But technology is an ever-evolving world, and I’m sure their minds will be blown again shortly.

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