Cats: Best Roommates Ever

Looking for a lap-snuggler or shoulder-rider? These 10 cat breeds represent the many cats who love people.

Cat roommates can be chill. Via Sherry

Cats in general have gotten a bad rap as being aloof, unapproachable and unfriendly. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The 10 cat breeds listed here seem to have made it their mission to debunk these myths, showing genuine affection for their owners — and visitors — every chance they get. Don’t see your favorite breed listed here? Don’t worry! Virtually every breed of cat develops a strong and lasting bond with its owner and displays great manners when guests visit.


With a silky flowing coat and lovely pointed colors, the Balinese cat embodies grace and style. This is no aloof beauty, however; the Balinese shows particular devotion to its human companions, entertaining its owners with clownish antics and charming them with expressions of love.

Cornish Rex

The active, energetic Cornish Rex loves to be part of the family. This curly-coated cutie will greet you at the door, play games of fetch or curl up in your lap the moment you sit down. Every visitor to the house is a new best friend in the eyes of this social breed.

Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau cat is rumored to have captivated and charmed cat lovers for thousands of years with its spotted coat and friendly nature. This breed sticks close to its beloved owners, riding shoulders, playing games and napping in laps.


Most people immediately recognize the Munchkin for its unique short legs, and breed enthusiasts will tell you that another trademark of the breed is its friendly, social nature. The diminuitive breed loves to “help” its owners with just about any household chore and will hold “conversations” with any humans that will listen.

Norwegian Forest Cat

This cat breed earned the nickname “gentle giant” for good reason. The large, longhaired Norwegian Forest Cat loves to snuggle with its owners, giving head-butts and making biscuits while purring contentedly. The breed shares the same treatment with visitors, as it knows no strangers.


The long, lean Oriental cat comes in a rainbow of colors that delight cat lovers, and the cat’s personality is just as delightful. This shoulder-rider wants to be involved in everything its owners do, and especially loves interactive games that involve human companions.


If you don’t believe the Siamese cat loves you, it will tell you in its distinctive voice. As well known for its social personality as its beautiful pointed colors, the Siamese cat thrives on human companionship and shows its love through a lifetime of devotion.


It’s no wonder that the hairless Sphynx cat loves to curl up in its owner’s lap. With its intelligent, social personality, the breed gravitates toward human companionship and bonds closely with its owners. Like a small dog, the Sphynx cat will greet you at the door, play fetch and wag its tail when feeling happy.


As the longhaired cousin of the Abyssinian, the Somali cat shares the breed’s zest for life — and love for people. The cat shows its love for its owners by sharing its toys, kneading a soft spot on a vacant lap or grooming its human’s hair.

Turkish Van

Its boundless curiosity and intelligence make the Turkish Van cat an ideal companion for an active owner. Displaying fierce loyalty to its owners, the cat breed will play nursemaid to its humans when they are feeling under the weather, seldom leaving their side.

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