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Anglea Kinsey embodies what true cat ladies strive to be; she's warm, compassionate, talkative and encouraging; pretty much the polar opposite of Angela Martin, the character she plays on NBCs hit show "The Office."

If you knew Angela Kinsey, she would remember your birthday and send you a homemade greeting card. She would welcome you to the neighborhood with a casserole. If you knew her well, she would find a reason to make you a scrapbook. Shed be your best girlfriend.

Her home is decorated with quilts her grandmother and mother made and wedding photos of her and her husband Warren, his parents and grandparents, and her parents and grandparents. A scrapbook she made commemorating her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary sits on her coffee table.

She’s genuine, nice, down-to-earth and a true cat lady unlike Angela Martin, the character she plays on NBC’s hit comedy “The Office.”

Angela Kinsey vs. Angela Martin
If you’ve watched The Office, you may be a little afraid of Angela Martin. Dressed in muted colors with her hair pulled back and a stern face, Martin takes herself way too seriously.

In one episode, Martin insults a co-worker who suggests decorating for an office birthday party with green streamers.

I think green is whorish, Martin says to Phyllis (played by Phyllis Smith), who is wearing a green sweater. In other episodes, Martin belittles colleagues during staff meetings and even tells her boss (played by Steve Carell) that no one cares about his birthday.

“She doesn’t have a problem with people who take life seriously,” Kinsey says about her character. “That’s why she likes Dwight [played by Rainn Wilson], because he’s a by-the-book kind of guy.”

Like her character, Kinsey loves cats, likes to be organized and admits she can be pushy about having things done a certain way. But that’s about as far as she can relate to her character’s extreme Type A personality.

“I’m way chatty, and I love anything social,” Kinsey says. I’ll talk to a fence post if I stand next to it long enough. That’s what my dad said.”

She’s recognized when she’s out with her hair in a ponytail and wearing no makeup. “I’ve had people who meet me say, ‘You’re not mean.’ Or they freak out when I smile,” she says. “I just enjoy life, and I think my character on the show is a little bit miserable. I don’t think she’s happy unless she’s miserable.”

With standup-comic roots, Kinsey enjoys improvising on the set. In the pilot episode, she was supposed to look busy in the background at a meeting, so she invented a back story for her character. She made invitations to a birthday party for Sprinkles, a cat she rescued in the parking lot. Much of that back story was cut from the pilot, but the invitations made it in when Pam (played by Jenna Fischer) asked Jim (played by John Krasinski) if he received an invitation to Sprinkles’ birthday party. He hadn’t, because Martin didn’t invite him.

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