Cats Are Part of the Family

A recent poll reveals that cats share birthdays, holidays and room and board with us in greater numbers.

Americans have strong relationships with their pets – and cats are no exception. A recent poll reveals that more than three in five Americans (62%) have a pet and half of those people (51%) have a cat or kitten.

The majority of U.S. cat owners (47%) own one cat. Those owners who have two cats make up 30% of the population. The population of multiple-cat owners trails after that: cat owners with three cats, 11%; cat owners with four cats, 6%; and cat owners with five cats, 2%.  Interestingly enough, the statistics bounce back slightly with cat owners who own six or more cats (5%).

Cats Are Family Members
More than nine in 10 cat owners (91%) say they consider their cat to be a member of the family; the feeling is mutual with dog-owners (92%). This is up from 88% in 2007.

Dog and cat owners do things to show their pets that they care. A majority of cat owners (82%) say they let their cat sleep in the bed with them. Less than one-quarter (23%) of dog and cat owners say they never do this.

Cats also get presents. More than half of cat owners (56%) purchase holiday presents for their cat. One-third of cat owners bought birthday presents for their cat.

Cats might be relieved that their owners don’t do two things: 11% of cat owners say they have never dressed their cat in some type of clothing and 91% say they have never taken their cat to work with them.

These results come from a Harris Poll of 2,184 adults surveyed online between May 9 and 16, 2011, by Harris Interactive.

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