Cats and the Laws of the Land

Felines aren't too happy about some of them.

Last Tuesday, I got to wondering about national laws that pertained to cats. OK, it was a slow day. But I had nothing to do after I named all my socks.

Well,  I researched it. Sure enough, there are numerous U.S. feline laws. And, if ignored, laws regarding their owner’s jail time, probation and listings of future halfway houses. Here are some of these kooky regulations.

The only state that requires cat licensing is Rhode Island. Surprisingly, they also make the cats pay for it. The felines are so upset about this it’s motivating them to form Tea Parties. However, they are actual parties, not political ones. And, apparently, heavy on the cookies.

I  was also curious about vaccinations. Most states, I discovered, insist on rabies shots. And owners must have proof these shots were administered. I know what you’re thinking: Administered to cats or owners? Try and find out before visiting. Once an owner starts biting, it’ll be too late.

Every state has a “no-leash law.” Apparently, because a leash prevents outdoor cats from catching rodents – a right guaranteed them by the Constitution. However, some states are considering leash laws for rodents. I see this as a great business opportunity. Meaning, I’ll start by selling rat leashes, and take it from there.

Finally there are the sterilization laws. Across America, such statutes exist as an agreement between state and owner. The cat, apparently, has no say in the matter. They go along with the sterilization, but aren’t  happy about it. Hey, who would be?

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